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I was doing extensive research online the other night and had come across an old article that mentioned a very high waterfall hidden away on someone’s property. I was excited and disappointed at the same time, as sometimes property owners don’t like members of the public crossing their property due to liability issues, which is fair enough. You should never enter someone’s property without obtaining prior permission to do so… I think it’s a responsibility of all landscape photographers to show that respect ti them.

With the intention of heading off to discover this waterfall on the upcoming weekend, I tracked down the property, phoned to obtain permission and mapped out the route to get there. They were more than happy to allow us to visit, and even gave us a description of how to get there! It was only a 50 minute drive up the road also, which made it very convenient for an afternoon trek.

After the short drive along the highway we made a few obscure turn-offs, made a few creek-crossings in the car and took off down a track which led down to the edge of a creek, fed by the stream of water that weaved up into a very high but narrow ravine, eventually ending below a stunning 40 metre high waterfall at the bottom of the ravine.

Due to the narrow nature of the ravine I found it quite challenging to get a photograph that helped to convey both the height of the waterfall here and the beautiful, pristine forest environment. It turns out to be a remnant of the ancient Gondwana rainforests that existed over 500 million years ago, amazing!

At one stage I slipped trying to get a shot and fell into one of the 3 plunge pools below the falls… lucky the camera was safe! Below are a few photographs I’ve taken here on the day. Hope you enjoy them.