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Wow what an afternoon! I finished work a little early today so I was able to duck out and find a place to photograph the evenings sunset. I’d decided on shooting at Burgess Beach in Forster, a favourite spot that has a reliable habit of providing some dramatic lighting situations.

The evening wasn’t to disappoint – on the drive there the sky out to the East began taking on a strange atmospheric glow and within minutes the clouds had become a vibrant bright orange color. The arcane colour in the sky, combined with the natural earthy red colours in the rocks at Burgess Beach began to give the beach an otherworldly look; like I was on the surface of Mars. I was a little rushed to find a composition as the clouds were on the move North and the colour dissipating, but fortunately I’d visited this beach a lot in the past and have a few composition ideas stored away for a rainy day.

There were a few kids down on the beach enjoying a late afternoon swim, but apart from that I had the northern section of the beach all to myself. Below are a few of the photographs I captured from the evening.