Australian Landscape Photographer

Having had a long history holding a camera, over the last 7 years Anthony has pursued a career in commercial photography services for numerous Clubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Real Estate Agencies and Holiday Accommodation, as well as working with local sporting clubs to capture their events. It has given him the opportunity to better understand the photographic industry and to get comfortable in dealing with clients, whilst funding a few equipment upgrades along the way.

His passion is however, and has always been capturing the natural beauty of the Australian landscape and overseas photography. He specialises in unique and vibrant Australian landscape photography, where he is always trying to get that overlooked angle or important split-second moment, that can then be shared with others.

Having been based in the holiday destination of Forster, on the NSW Mid North Coast for most of his life, this has given him the ability to accomplish this, where he can distance himself from the typically saturated market of landscapes/seascapes from within the capital cities and surrounding areas and discover some rarely seen wonders of the less visited Australian environment. His extensive knowledge of the natural environment gives him the ability to easily determine where the best light will be for every type of situation.

Any requests for commercial and real estate photography are most welcomed, or if you would like to commission Anthony for a particular landscape or commercial project please fill in the form on the Enquiries page and he will get back to you with a job estimate and further details.

A Bit More Personal

Photography has been a constant distraction in his life for about 17 years now. A drive to the beach, a weekend getaway, a family BBQ, or really any situation at all, he has always felt the necessity to have a camera in his possession at all times, just in case.

In earlier years he was constantly filling up disposable cameras with photos of him and his mates at the local beaches. A little later he’d hijacked his Mum’s Canon AE-1 film SLR camera, with the fun and effective 50mm f1.8 lens. It always took a beautiful shot and it taught him a lot about the fundamentals of SLR cameras and how they operate.

His main passion is landscape photography, having pursued this for many years, but he loves surfing/wave photography also. The majority of his life has been spent as an avid bodyboarder, having chased many different waves around Australia and overseas. This has allowed him to witness and photograph some amazing waves around the world. Check out his surfing/wave photography portfolio for some examples of some of these.

He is mostly self taught within all aspects of photography. A lack of peer support led him on a path for knowledge, where he turned to either friends who were also interested in photography, or the Internet, where he has been able to quench his thirst for information, allowing him to polish his skills up to a more professional level.


Most photos found on the website are for sale, so please have a look around and feel free to email if you are interested in purchasing, or have any questions at all.

Anthony Murphy Photography