“Entering Mars” – Burgess Beach Sunset

Posted on 11th May, 2017

Wow what an afternoon!

I finished work a little early today so I was able to duck out and find a place to photograph the evenings sunset. I’d decided on shooting at Burgess Beach in Forster, a favourite spot that has a reliable habit of providing some dramatic lighting situations.

The evening wasn’t to disappoint – on the drive there, the sky out to the East began taking on a strange glow and within minutes the clouds had become a solid bright orange. The eery colour in the sky, combined with the natural earthy red colours in the rocks began to make the place look like I was on the surface of Mars. I was a little rushed to find a composition as the clouds were on the move North, but fortunately I’d visited this beach a lot in the past and have a few composition ideas stored away.

There were a few kids down on the beach enjoying an afternoon swim, but apart from that I had the beach to myself. Below are a few photographs I took from the evening.

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