New Waterfall Discovery

Posted on 6th May, 2017

I was doing extensive research online the other night and had come across an old article that mentioned a very high waterfall hidden away on someone’s property. With the intention of heading off to discover this waterfall on the upcoming weekend, I tracked down the property and mapped out the route to get there. It was only a 50 minute drive up the road, which made it very convenient for an afternoon trek.

After the short drive to the location we took off down a track which led down to the edge of a creek, fed by a stream of water that weaved up into a very large but narrow ravine, eventually ending below a stunning 40 metre high waterfall at the end of the ravine.

Due to the narrow nature of the ravine I found it a little challenging to get a photograph that helped to convey both the height of the waterfall here and the beautiful, pristine forest environment, a remnant of the ancient Gondwana rainforests that existed over 500 million years ago. At one stage I slipped, trying to get a shot and fell into one of the 3 plunge pools below the falls… lucky the camera was safe! Below are a few photographs I’ve taken here on the day.

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